The history and the activities of the company

TMT LTD was established in 2006 in Kaspi, Shida Kartli region. The company owner is Mr. Tamaz Merebashvili (100%). TMT specializes in processed fruits and vegetables and produces canned vegetables, puree, jams, juices, marmalades, dry fruits and ‘Ajika’(spicy flavored paste). The company collects fruits and vegetables from the peasants and farmers of Shida Kartli, Kvemo Kartli and West Georgia. TMT superiority is that its products are natural and without preservatives. The products are canned in various size glass jars, which is imported  from Ukraine and Armenia. 

In Kaspi, the company owns 1,700 square meters of land where the company’s cannery and office (150 square meters) are located. 

Currently, TMT products are presented in all large supermarkets (Foodmart, Ioli, Goodwill), as well as in small shops and stores across Georgia. Since 2008, the company has been exporting its products to Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Germany and the USA.  In 2013, 60% of TMT’s revenue was generated through the export sales.